Mycroft has very similar reading tastes to Linus Roe, of Roe Encryption Technologies in “Solve For X.” Perhaps they simply have the same interior decorator, who happens to be very interested in art and design.

Mr. Roe’s office contains: 

Decorative Arts of Japan, Chisaburoh F. Yamada; Kodansha International Ltd., 1964.

Leonardo da Vinci on the Human Body, by Charles D. O’Malley and J. B. de C. M. Saunders; Henry Schuman, 1952.

The Strange Death of Architectural Criticism, by David Jenkins: Artifice Books on Architecture, 2007.

Both he and Mycroft have these books:

The Art Book, by The Editors of Phaidon Press; Phaidon Press, 1994.

History of Art, by H. W. Janson; Prentice-Hall Inc., 1970.

Kitaj, by Marco Livingstone; Phaidon Press, 2010.

Drawing Life, by Javier Mariscal; Phaidon Press, 2009.

Mycroft seems to have a thing for Phaidon books. His collection at 221B Baker Street also includes.

Phaidon Design Classics, Vol. 2: 334-666, by The Editors of Phaidon Press; Phaidon Press, 2006.

Life Style, by Bruce Mau; Phaidon Press, 2005.

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